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BY Techteam | June 19th, 2022

Baruch Zicklin School of Management Restores Confidence and Hope for the Future


Baruch Zicklin School of Management faced declining enrollment in their graduate business programs, exacerbated by market forces and rising operational costs, which transformed their programs into a “luxury good” in the competitive New York metropolitan area. Profitability became increasingly elusive, necessitating critical decisions about the future.


Baruch engaged GPRS to conduct an unbiased Enrollment Growth Assessment to diagnose the root causes of their enrollment challenges. This involved in-depth interviews with key internal stakeholders—faculty and staff—and a collaborative session to prioritize objectives based on the assessment’s insights.

GPRS delivered a comprehensive report outlining key findings and actionable recommendations tailored to address their enrollment issues. This resulted in a strategic action plan that revitalized confidence within the Baruch Zicklin team.

Baruch and GPRS established a lasting partnership post-assessment, leveraging various GPRS services, including our Call Center solution. This service bolstered Baruch’s admissions capabilities by deploying GPRS’s expertise to engage new leads, active applicants, and dormant prospects identified in the assessment.

“The Enrollment Growth Assessment helped us refine our marketing and recruiting efforts,” said Tricillia Jacob, Director of Administration & Operations of Executive Programs at Baruch Zicklin. “It revived lead generation and re-engaged stalled leads, effectively guiding us towards enrollment.

“GPRS’s strategies solidified our confidence in our path forward.”


Implementing GPRS’s recommendations addressed critical blind spots identified in the Enrollment Growth Assessment. It enabled Baruch’s admissions team to focus more efficiently on meeting their enrollment objectives despite challenging market dynamics. Within just four weeks of the campaign, the Call Center Solution facilitated 162 appointments for the admissions team, demonstrating significant progress in engagement and conversion of leads identified through the assessment.

In conclusion, the Enrollment Growth Assessment not only pinpointed immediate areas for improvement but also provided a roadmap for sustainable enrollment success.

“I might want to keep GPRS to myself to boost my own image, but I highly recommend their services,” said Jacob. “Our continued collaboration promises a bright future for Baruch Zicklin.”

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