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GPRS offers recruiting services that reduce the time required to remain connected with qualified leads and applicants. We offer services to help clients improve how they manage the recruiting process, and if needed, the expertise to manage the recruiting for you.

Our recruiting services include:

Nurture Campaigns

GPRS enables clients to develop and manage targeted and automated marketing communications designed to build relationships with prospective students over time. The goal of nurture campaigns is to guide prospects through the application process, from initial awareness to eventual enrollment, by providing them with relevant and valuable content at various stages of their decision-making process. Nurture campaigns aim to keep prospects engaged, informed, and interested in your school’s offerings.

GPRS develops custom communications lifecycles, in addition to our newly released Communications Lifecycle Library – which accelerates adoption and offers over 40 sequential email templates, broken down into the 5 stages of the student lifecycle – for clients to use or modify in their nurture campaigns. Clients have the option of having GPRS serve as an advisor or implementer of their nurture campaigns. As an advisor, GPRS provides guidance on message cadence and management. As an implementer, GPRS assumes responsibility for the implementation of the nurture campaigns directly into Slate,, HubSpot and other popular higher ed CRMs and lead management platforms.

Online Chat

Using online chat on your website, also known as live chat or website chat, offers numerous benefits that can enhance user experience, prospective student satisfaction, and enrollment. Online chat makes your office available to prospective students 24/7/365. Answering a question at 11 PM on Sunday night may be the difference between enrolling, choosing another program, or convincing themselves to “wait until next year.” But don’t worry, answering a chat at 11 PM might be carried out by a member of your team, OR we can implement AI driven unattended communications/chatbots to answer the most common and popular questions.  When the questions get too granular, we can then refer them to a member of your team who can follow up the following morning!  GPRS’ expertise in digital marketing solutions and marketing technology innovation give our clients the right tools and strategic support to deploy online chat on your website or program microsite.

Call Center

The GPRS Contact Center service provides both inbound and outbound coverage for your program inquiries, as well as timely email follow-up communications. Our service boasts state-of-the-art technology that enables real-time call monitoring, as well as recording capabilities to ensure that our team is consistently an extension of yours. Of course, we can enter every communication directly into your existing CRM platform for seamless handoffs to internal staff at the perfect time.

New programs leverage the Call Center service to initiate recruiting while staff is being hired or trained. The Call Center service gives existing programs the freedom to focus on admissions, student experience and curriculum while GPRS manages initial program inquiries and the qualification of leads before they’re handed off to your internal team – saving their time for the most qualified and interested prospects. Programs can also leverage the Call Center to augment their staff or serve as a temporary replacement when recruiting/admission staff positions are vacant. For our undergraduate clients, we’ve even been known to conduct campaigns focused on calling high school counselors to arrange campus visits, as well as keeping our undergraduate programs top of mind as they’re guiding students through the next step of their academic journey.

Recruitment Training & Development

Clients can retain GPRS to deliver recruitment training for your admissions professionals. Leverage our 23+ years of experience in higher education marketing and enrollment to boost your team’s performance. Improve their ability to nurture and convert inquiries into enrolled students.

Through our ongoing development program, recruiters will learn new strategies for leveraging enrollment marketing data to further enhance their conversations, and improve yield.  GPRS’ program is also focused on accountability, ensuring that leads are getting followed up on quickly and consistently, in order to protect the schools marketing investment as well as deliver the best ROI.

Corporate Partnership Toolkit

Employers remain a viable source for prospective candidates for graduate programs. Despite the significant decrease in employer sponsorship and tuition reimbursement for employees looking to continue their education, there are plenty of employers that emphasize employee development programming and thus need an education partner to bolster the skill level and leadership capability of their workforce.

The Corporate Partnership Toolkit provides you with a framework to tell your story to prospective corporate partners, as well as tools to identify the best partners, how to approach them, what to present, etc.

Imagine having partnerships in place that seats 33% of your cohorts and requires minimal to no investment in advertising. The Corporate Partnership Toolkit is a launching pad to make this dream a reality.

Client Fact

The Montgomery County Community College (PA) retained GPRS as its agency of record for 7 years. 2 million impressions and 15,000 clicks led to an average of 4,500 leads per year.

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For over two decades, GPRS has been a trusted higher education marketing agency, offering custom solutions to institutions of all sizes and degree types. Admissions directors, marketing directors, deans, and presidents rely on GPRS to provide a depth of services, including strategy, lead generation, digital marketing, nurture communications, recruiting, and analytics.

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