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Admissions & Recruiting

Who are the best candidates for my school/program? Where can I find them? What needs to be done to get them to call or respond? Where do I start? These are questions GPRS helps admissions directors answer within weeks of working together. We aim to take the stress out of recruiting and help you focus on admissions.

Success is short-lived for admissions directors. Enroll a strong cohort and you receive high fives for a few days before you are asked to do it all over again. Yet, you are unsure whether you can do it again because you are uncertain how you achieved the results …OR … you do not believe the stars will align in the same way again. As a result, you smile and gear up for another run, hoping to stir up that secret sauce … again.

Admissions directors that work with GPRS have certainty. They are aware of how the results were achieved. They know what can be done differently. They are confident that it can be done again … because they have GPRS as a partner.

GPRS provides admissions directors with certainty and confidence through:

Enrollment Marketing Expertise

Do you feel alone on an island? Who do you turn to when you have questions or need new ideas?

Being an admissions director can feel lonely at times. You are the only person that has your job in the entire university or college. There may be other admissions directors, yet they are responsible for different programs and students. In some ways, they are more competitors than colleagues on some days.

GPRS provides admissions directors with a trusted source for advice, guidance, and support. Our team understands your role and challenges. We speak your language. We bring our expertise and experience working with higher education institutions of all sizes and types to every conversation. We are your advisor, confidant, expert, partner, and biggest supporter all rolled into one.


The applause, high fives, and back slaps have stopped. You are sitting in your office after a brief vacation thinking about the next recruiting cycle. You get an email requesting you deliver a presentation to the Dean and faculty describing how you enrolled such a great cohort.

What do you do next?

GPRS clients have access to GP Insights™, an analytics dashboard that shows the performance of all digital campaigns and the leads generated. GPRS clients also enjoy integration between GP Insights™ and their CRM/recruiting solution (e.g., Slate or Salesforce). The integration ensures that admissions directors and their teams can easily see which sources provided the best ROI. As a result, GPRS clients are positioned to have their recruiting presentations ready before they are requested, and prepared to answer any questions they might be asked. No stress. No worries.


It’s two months before the final application deadline. You are behind plan because the yield from the first two rounds is below expectations. Your executive director and dean are asking you what you are going to do to meet your enrollment goal.

Who do you call?

GPRS is adept at helping admissions directors in tight situations. We pride ourselves on our ability to generate qualified leads for clients within weeks of working together. Over time, we refine our approach based upon your feedback to maintain the volume of leads while increasing the quality and fit of the candidates presented to you.

Client Fact

The Harbert College of Business at Auburn University partners with GPRS to attract students for three graduate programs — Real Estate Development Program, Physicians Executive MBA Program, and the Executive MBA program. GPRS has helped Auburn grow consistent enrollment, including during the pandemic, by increasing the number of leads generated for each program year over year, for over 10 years.

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For over two decades, GPRS has been a trusted higher education marketing agency, offering custom solutions to institutions of all sizes and degree types. Admissions directors, marketing directors, deans, and presidents rely on GPRS to provide a depth of services, including strategy, lead generation, digital marketing, nurture communications, recruiting, and analytics.

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