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We take your message directly to your prospective student. Our finely tuned expertise enables us to deliver the right message, to the right candidate, at just the right time… all while optimizing your media budget to ensure you receive the greatest return on your investment.

Our media services include:

Traditional Placements

Our traditional advertising placement services help institutions and programs maximize the impact of your advertising efforts by strategically selecting the right media channels, negotiating favorable terms, and ensuring that your messages reach the intended audience. GPRS performs media research, media planning, media buying, and creative ad design. Campaigns are optimized and monitored utilizing GP InsightsTM with additional analytics provided by selected media channels.

Advertising in magazines, journals, and movie theatres, or on radio stations, billboards, or public transportation, all of these options and more can be executed by the GPRS team. Clients get the best results when student personas are leveraged to determine the most highly targeted media channels that will reach the right candidates.

Higher Education Advertising | Lincoln University billboard
Higher Education Traditional Digital Media Marketing

Digital Placements

Our digital advertising placement services help institutions and programs navigate the complexities of the digital advertising landscape, ensuring that your ads are strategically placed where your target audience spends time online — web and mobile. By leveraging data-driven insights and optimization strategies from our proprietary GP InsightsTM platform, these services aim to maximize the impact of digital advertising campaigns and achieve your enrollment objectives.

Search engines, social media networks, mobile apps, streaming services, as well as other options are platforms we use to connect our clients with the right student at the right time. Combining persona development with digital placements yields the best results for our clients. This combination enables us to target your preferred audiences with precision and accuracy — yielding higher quality leads.

Social Media Management

Our content development and social media management services help institutions and programs establish a strong and authentic online presence, engage with your audience, and achieve various enrollment marketing objectives, such as brand awareness, lead generation, student/alumni engagement, and more. These services play a vital role in navigating the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of social media marketing.

LinkedIn, Twitter, and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) are platforms we have developed content for, and managed on behalf of our clients. Your social channels become hubs for nurturing leads generated and connecting prospective students with current students and alumni.

Higher Education Traditional and Digital Media Marketing

List Acquisition

Our list acquisition services help institutions and programs accelerate the growth of their prospective student database with contacts that fit your preferred student profiles. This service is the right solution for new programs launching lead generation campaigns, existing programs looking to expand, or even transition away from an OPM relationship.

New programs need the “quick start” that list acquisition can provide — especially when expectations are greater than the time available to recruit the first cohort. OPM transitions may require institutions and programs to “clean the slate” — especially if your prospective student database is lost as part of the transition OR the quality of your current leads is below your preferred standard.

Client Fact

The University of Florida Master’s in Digital Arts & Science (MiDAS) program received 119 qualified leads in less than six months after GPRS adjusted their marketing strategy and digital campaigns.

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For over two decades, GPRS has been a trusted higher education marketing agency, offering custom solutions to institutions of all sizes and degree types. Admissions directors, marketing directors, deans, and presidents rely on GPRS to provide a depth of services, including strategy, lead generation, digital marketing, nurture communications, recruiting, and analytics.

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