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We are experts in higher education, not just marketing. The conversations we’re having with clients today, and the strategies that we’re sharing, keep them ahead of their competition. Our higher education marketing trends and insights are your window into our 20-plus years of experience and impact.

Anthony Campisi, President

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Harnessing AI to Maximize Content Strategy

Harnessing AI to maximize content strategy, streamline workflows, and improve enrollment success is reshaping higher ed marketing.

Grad School Paid Social Media Strategies and Best Practices

Grad school paid social media strategies and best practices can set your campaigns apart from the competition.

Virtual College Tours: Reimagine Student Engagement

Discover innovative ways to engage prospective students in a digital world. From VR experiences to user-generated content, explore the possibilities of virtual campus tours.

Enrollment Marketing Personalization: Tailoring Experiences for Success

Discover the magic of personalization in enrollment marketing! Elevate engagement and boost conversions with tech-powered strategies.

How to Differentiate Your MBA Program

In the fiercely competitive landscape of MBA education, standing out is everything.

Top Graduate School Myths in 2024

Debunking these three graduate school myths can put prospects’ minds at ease and boost enrollment for your program.

How to Grow Enrollment in Your Specialized MBA Program

Leverage these effective strategies to successfully grow and expand enrollment in your specialized MBA program.

Customer Experience Strategies for Higher Education Institutions

Employ these best practices and strategies to enhance your institution’s customer experience (CX) strategies for higher education.

What Do Grad Students Want in 2024?

Keep these points in mind to connect with graduate school students in 2024 and beyond.

Strategies to Increase Enrollment Amid Rising Higher Education Skepticism

Use these effective strategies to increase enrollment amid rising higher education skepticism. Learn how to attract and retain students.

Paid Search Best Practices and Strategies for Grad Schools

Use these best practices and strategies for grad schools to optimize your higher education paid search campaigns.

Effective Grad School Email Marketing

Use these best practices to boost your grad school email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is a tried-and-true marketing channel.

Improve your university’s brand awareness

Use these strategies to Improve your university’s brand awareness for your undergraduate and graduate programs

Higher Education Trends to Watch in 2024

Prepare your institution for success by staying ahead of the higher education trends to watch in 2024 for marketing and recruiting.

What you need to know about higher education content marketing

Utilize these cutting-edge strategies and innovative ideas to enrich and fortify your school’s higher education content marketing plan.

Why Your Local Marketing Agency Won’t Help You Meet Your Higher Education Enrollment Goals

Discover the critical reasons why relying on a local, generalist agency for higher education marketing can put your enrollment goals at risk.

Grad school demand generation best practices and strategies

Understanding grad school demand generation best practices and strategies can help supercharge your recruitment marketing efforts.

How Specialized Institutions Can Compete

Specialized institutions can compete with larger, better-known higher education institutions using these strategies.

How to Grow EMBA Program Enrollment

So, how can grad schools reach candidates effectively and grow EMBA program enrollment? Take a quick look at a few strategies.

How Colleges Can Solve Undergrad Admissions Challenges

Colleges are at a crossroads. Despite the looming challenges facing undergraduate enrollment in the future, taking proactive steps and adopting new and innovative strategies can help future-proof your organization.

Proven Graduate School Engagement Tactics

The competition for graduate school program and MBA recruits has always been tough. Many times, higher education institutions focus on building awareness and generating leads first and foremost – and rightfully so.

Graduate School Lead Generation Strategies For Your Programs

Graduate school lead generation strategies are always at the top of the mind for higher education institutions – and for good reason too. Without a steady stream of leads, enrollment is sure to dry up.

Optimizing Your Top of the Funnel Recruitment Marketing Strategy

As an institution of higher education, attracting and recruiting new prospects is always top of mind. To do this, you first need to build awareness for your graduate school and MBA programs in a way that reaches your target audience efficiently and effectively. But what’s the best way to do just that?

How to Convey Value to Prospects

How to Convey Value to Prospects When prospective students start looking at graduate schools, they’re not just seeking any place to further their education. They’re seeking an experience that they hope will further their educational, career, and financial goals in life. So, how do you convey value to prospects to make your program stand out […]

Drive Success for Your Graduate Program: Consistent Marketing Strategies

Drive Success for Your Graduate Program: Consistent Marketing Strategies Unlock the full potential of your graduate program by implementing consistent marketing strategies that yield impressive results. Discover how to establish a strong foundation with a consistent marketing plan, optimize your platform selection for maximum impact, and avoid reactive mistakes that can undermine your efforts. With […]

Unleashing the Unique Selling Proposition of Your EMBA Program

Unleashing the Unique Selling Proposition of Your EMBA Program Are you looking to make your Executive MBA (EMBA) program truly stand out from the competition? While many EMBA programs may share similar attributes, it’s crucial to identify the unique selling proposition (USP) of your EMBA program to attract prospective students. This blog post will guide […]

Questions to ask about your funnel

Questions to ask about your funnel  At any point in your admissions process, you may need to examine your funnel to determine the best path toward finalizing your class enrollment. Are your marketing efforts balanced to ensure that top, middle, and bottom funnel leads are getting the proper attention? As your prospects enter into the […]

How CRM can help with the final enrollment push

How CRM can help with the final enrollment push One of the many benefits of a well-designed, strategic email communications flow is that it can mostly function on its own throughout the year, serving to shepherd leads within your CRM from the prospect phase to seated student. When you create your audiences, filters and messaging […]

What does diversity look like within your funnel?

What does diversity look like within your funnel? It’s never been more important to construct a plan for attracting a diverse student body. In addition to creating more access and social mobility for students of varying backgrounds, a diverse class prepares your students for success in their chosen career fields. Defining diversity As you are […]

Constructing a landing page for conversion

Constructing a landing page for conversion Regardless of how impactful the messaging within your digital marketing campaign is, if your leads don’t have an optimized and user-friendly place to land, you risk losing them. If it’s the first time they are engaging with you, you’ve done the hardest job which is to grab their attention. […]


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For over two decades, GPRS has been a trusted higher education marketing agency, offering custom solutions to institutions of all sizes and degree types. Admissions directors, marketing directors, deans, and presidents rely on GPRS to provide a depth of services, including strategy, lead generation, digital marketing, nurture communications, recruiting, and analytics.

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