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Lead Generation

Lead generation is at the core of everything we do. Creating demand to enroll in our clients’ institutions and programs is our sweet spot. Our expertise in generating qualified leads is the primary reason our clients have ease of mind every recruiting season.

Lead generation is a dynamic and ongoing process that requires a deep understanding of the target audience, effective marketing strategies, and the ability to adapt to changing market dynamics. To deliver the best results for our clients, we offer the following services to fuel our lead generation campaigns:

Strategy & Consulting

Our Enrollment Growth Assessment helps higher education leaders diagnose the cause(s) of enrollment challenges by interviewing key stakeholders and facilitating planning sessions with the leadership team. Clients receive a report citing observations and recommendations to improve a) recruiting processes, b) funnel management, c) cross-departmental relationships, and d) enrollment. Completing an assessment is recommended to establish a benchmark and a path forward for our partnerships.

Our Persona Development service helps higher education leaders define the ideal candidates for their institution or programs. Understanding your ideal students — similarities and differences in their education needs and expected outcomes — helps determine the right messages, creative, and programming to attract more of your best-fit students.


Our creative services bring to life the story of your institution and programs. We collaborate with our clients to develop impactful pieces that communicate your unique value to prospective students. Then we deliver that creative through all forms of media. We combine our experience with the Enrollment Growth Assessment and Persona Development results to develop the right creative direction for each media channel chosen to reach your audience.


Our traditional, as well as digital media placement services, help institutions and programs maximize the impact of your advertising efforts by strategically selecting the right media channels, negotiating favorable terms, and ensuring that your messages reach the intended audience. GPRS performs media research, media planning, media buying, and creative ad design. We combine our experience with the Enrollment Growth Assessment and Persona Development results to choose the best media channels to generate leads. Campaigns are optimized and monitored utilizing GP InsightsTM and additional analytics are provided through selected media channels.

Higher Edcuation Lead Generation

CRM & Analytics

GP Insights™ provides real-time information on the effectiveness of campaigns and access to prospective candidates identified by our lead generation efforts. Clients receive access to a personalized dashboard available via the web. Integrating GP InsightsTM with your CRM enables you to recruit and communicate with prospective students when you are in a meeting, on vacation, or sleeping. Integration helps you be prepared to speak with a prospective student at any time.

No spreadsheets or calculators … plus no call sheets, to-do lists, or downloading data. More time to connect with prospective students. More peace of mind.

Client Fact

The Foster School of Business at the University of Washington engaged GPRS to grow its leads for the Executive MBA Program. 325 qualified leads were generated via LinkedIn at a cost per lead (CPL) of $54.

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For over two decades, GPRS has been a trusted higher education marketing agency, offering custom solutions to institutions of all sizes and degree types. Admissions directors, marketing directors, deans, and presidents rely on GPRS to provide a depth of services, including strategy, lead generation, digital marketing, nurture communications, recruiting, and analytics.

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