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BY Anthony Campisi | April 27th, 2023

What does diversity look like within your funnel?

What does diversity look like within your funnel?It’s never been more important to construct a plan for attracting a diverse student body. In addition to creating more access and social mobility for students of varying backgrounds, a diverse class prepares your students for success in their chosen career fields.

Defining diversity

As you are determining what is the right mix of students within your upcoming class, it’s important to define what diversity means to your school. The word diverse is defined by Merriam-Webster as “showing a great deal of variety.” Not only does this apply to social and ethnic backgrounds, but it can also be extended to gender, age, work experience, educational background or even future career goals.

Targeting diverse audiences

Once you have defined what diversity means to your school and what mix of students you’re seeking, it will be easier to target your marketing campaigns. Creating personas that fit your ideal student can aid you in selecting what media to use and crafting the right messaging that will resonate with your audiences.

Your funnel

If you find that your funnel isn’t fitting the profile of the student body you are seeking, it may be time to narrow your focus. Typically, a well-strategized and wide-reaching campaign can get you the leads you need to seat your class. However, layering on a hyper-targeted campaign can improve your ability to attract your ideal student and create your intended diversity.

If you’re looking to build a well-rounded class at your school, GPRS can help. We specialize in building personas, developing audience segmentation, and creating customized messaging. Contact us today to start the conversation.