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BY Anthony Campisi | October 27th, 2022

Why employment data matters in your marketing

Why employment data matters in your marketingIn a recent survey conducted by GMAC, it was reported that 86 percent of 2022 U.S. business school students were employed immediately after graduation, which is up from 80 percent the previous year. This rising employment rate for graduates is promising for higher education as a whole, even as we enter a recession because it showcases the sustained value of the skillsets a business degree offers.

In addition to employment data, it was also reported that for students seeking a career change or promotion as part of their degree plan, a majority (57 percent) achieved this goal post graduation. So what does this mean for business and graduate program marketing? In addition to a closer focus on career data, schools can also highlight their career coaching and placement services, student testimonials, and corporate partnerships.

Here are a few ways your program can amplify its messaging surrounding employment and career data to help you stand out from the competition.

Showcasing promotion and career advancement

Whether prospects are looking to move up the corporate ladder, or they’re looking to switch industries all together, they may see an MBA as the key that can open the door to their next career move. Finding a way to position your program as a trusted partner along the journey to a rewarding promotion or management role is critical. You can showcase the value of your program through the lens of career growth by sharing alumni testimonials, including promotion data, and reinforcing how a broadened perspective can help students speak the language of business.

Career Services 

Allowing your students the opportunities to explore career options while in school and ultimately set goals that are the right fit for them requires coaching and guidance. If your school offers career services, now is the time to highlight the process so it can help prospects understand how you’ll help them compete in the business world and forge their unique path.

Consider pulling together data for the past 2-3 years that showcase the industries, firms, and titles of students hired from your school. You can include metrics such as internships, job offers post-graduation, salary, firms, locations, and job types. This gives a well-rounded view of the results of your program as it relates to the end goal – a job that will provide a solid return on investment and pay dividends for the future.

In addition, try highlighting other key aspects of your career services including corporate partners, leadership development, and even employer and alumni profiles to highlight success stories.

If you need help determining how well your marketing plan covers the career and employment aspects of your program, GPRS can help. We have worked with over 120 schools and have insights into digital marketing strategies and how to leverage your school’s unique selling points to enhance communications with prospects. Contact us today to start the conversation.