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BY Anthony Campisi | January 22nd, 2019

An Open Letter To Graduate Level Administrators And Deans


Each year, do you wonder how you’re going to fill your cohorts and hit your net tuition revenue goals? Have you been watching online programs and competitors syphon off what was once a reliable channel for new students? Is your current marketing budget not providing the return on investment it once did?GPRS

You’re not alone.

The market has been changing and it’s brought with it a multitude of challenges unique to Graduate Programs. Instead of competing with the few colleges in your region, you’re now locked in battle with schools both locally, and online. The marketing and lead generation tactics that have been a mainstay in higher ed are becoming more difficult to justify with the ever-increasing costs and the lack of strategic thought provided by most vendors. With the shrinking pool of candidates, and fewer employers footing the bill, it’s difficult to know how to navigate this new landscape and hit your graduate enrollment goals.

Over the past 17 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with over 100 graduate programs at my marketing firm, Annodyne, and saw this challenge first hand. While there was no shortage of companies offering tactical lead generation services, marketing, and enrollment management, very few were able to step in as a strategic partner and consult with in-house teams so they would be better equipped to handle this challenge. In talking to Deans of graduate programs across the country, I realized this was a real problem and one that wasn’t being addressed by traditional providers. This has led me to our new venture, Graduate Program Recruitment Solutions, or GPRS.

I started GPRS because I believe there is a gap in the marketplace; one that after nearly two decades of providing measured results to graduate programs, we are uniquely qualified to fill.

So what does this all mean for your graduate programs? Well, it means you can exponentially improve your ROI by keeping your in-house marketing team or your current marketing agency. How? By utilizing our team of highly-experienced higher education business leaders as subject matter experts (SMEs) to provide strategic insight, guidance, staff augmentation services, and tactical advice on your marketing, lead generation, and enrollment strategies. You don’t need more people selling you the latest media platforms, technologies, and trends. You need help making the most out of the resources you’ve already committed to, and that is where GPRS can help.

Of course, what’s our advice, strategy, and tactics without being able to measure the outcomes? That is why we provide our clients a way to measure every interaction with every marketing campaign – to track inquiries back to not just an email, or an ad, but going beyond that to granular data points related to imagery, messaging and ad size. That is where the true value of GPRS is realized – seeing a direct line from your dollars spent in marketing to your dollars earned in tuition revenue.

We know that this market is challenging, and we know that you and your team are dealing with issues you never could have anticipated ten or even five years ago. We know because we’ve been there and we are ready to help.

To learn more about GPRS and our solutions, please visit Or better yet, reach out to me personally at 215.769.9900 x202 and we can talk you through how GPRS can help you and your team get ready for the next enrollment deadline.