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BY Anthony Campisi | January 17th, 2023

New year, new focus on enrollment goals

New year, new focus on enrollment goalsAs the beginning of any new year presents itself, we are often faced with setting new goals. While New Year’s resolutions may tend more toward personal aspirations, it may be helpful for your team to revisit your enrollment goals, see how you’re tracking against your objectives, and renew your focus. You may even find that some adjustments are needed to make the next part of your recruiting cycle as productive as possible.

Since it can be difficult to gather the troops when recruiting events and planning are in full swing, we’ve included a few resources here to help you begin your year with a focused, strategic mindset.

Go back to the basics

When planning for the future, you can easily become overwhelmed with a long list of to-dos and intended outcomes. As you sort through your goals and the strategies and tactics to achieve them, remember to start with the most important piece of the puzzle – your audience. Digging deep into your prospective students’ motivations can help you choose the right platforms, create messaging that will resonate and determine the best strategy for tackling the upcoming year.

Dislodge your stalled leads

If you’re like many schools, you’ve got a group of stalled leads that need a little “push” to make it to the next stage of the funnel. You may be wondering if they decided to pursue another program or school, or if they are facing a barrier. Either way, re-engaging those stagnant prospects that were once interested in your school can be a critical step in rounding out your class.

Fine-tune your website

Your school’s website is your first touchpoint and most critical vehicle of communication for prospective students. It can act as an extension of your recruiting team, giving your prospects the additional information they need to make a decision. It’s important to enter the new year with content that is fresh and targeted to accomplish the task at hand — landing your next seated class. Be sure that you find time to audit your key pages so you are presenting your brand in the best light possible.

As you head into the new year, we can help you hone your marketing and enrollment strategies. Whether it’s developing personas, strategizing on digital marketing or creating a dashboard to track your progress, GPRS can help. Contact us today to start the conversation.