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BY Techteam | April 15th, 2022

The University of Arizona Eller College of Management enjoys rapid enrollment growth without breaking the bank


The University of Arizona needed to increase awareness for its three existing MBA programs, while also launching a new online MBA program. Eller College leaders were concerned with the investment required to accomplish both objectives simultaneously. Moreover, there was also concern about how quickly a return on investment could be attained.


To generate awareness for the Eller MBA programs, GPRS utilized its proprietary Conversion Optimization Management (COM) process to create demand among interested professionals in the Arizona market. GPRS selected the appropriate media channels and types of advertisements (i.e., display ads or paid search) to connect with the target audience. We also designed the display advertisements to include content and images focused on motivating and engaging the desired prospective students. Using GPRS to do content development and lead generation ensured alignment and consistency in the messaging and execution of the campaigns.

To refine the campaigns and continue to improve the lead quality, GP Insights™ was deployed to determine the highest performing ads and media channels throughout the campaign. In doing so, we were able to optimize the Eller MBA media spend by investing in media channels and placing ads that were achieving the highest results.


Using the combination of COM and GP Insights, we delivered a very healthy volume of pre-qualified leads to the Eller admissions team at a cost per lead (CPL) of $125 — well below the higher ed industry benchmark of $200. This cost savings accomplishment was surpassed by the success the admissions team had in converting these leads into enrolled students. 35% of enrolled students were identified through a GPRS campaign over two years resulting in $3.9M in tuition revenue and a 2,200% return on investment.

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Percentage of enrolled students generated by GPRS


Return on investment