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BY Anthony Campisi | June 27th, 2024

Harnessing AI to Maximize Content Strategy

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Maximize Content StrategyStanding out in the wildly competitive enrollment marketing sphere requires embracing innovative strategies. One of the most efficient – but sometimes intimidating – cutting-edge tools you can use to attract and retain prospective students through personalized content strategy is artificial intelligence (AI). Harnessing AI to maximize content strategy can be an invaluable asset.

AI tools can analyze astounding amounts of data, identify patterns, optimize online visibility, streamline repetitive tasks, and improve your institution’s brand reputation. If used ethically and creatively, these new technologies can help you craft compelling content, stretch your budget, and reshape your enrollment strategies.

Harnessing AI to Maximize Content Strategy can help your team:

Personalize the Admissions Journey

Personalization plays a crucial role in building trust and engagement during the prospective student journey and increases their likelihood of enrollment. Using AI tools to analyze prospective students’ buying behaviors, preferences, interests, and demographics can help you tailor individual communication strategies, build personalized content experiences, highlight relevant programs and student outcomes, and help guide them through the admissions process from inquiry to enrollment. AI tools can help your team with everything from delivering highly personalized emails and direct mail to building more interactive virtual campus tours tailored to specific student interests. AI-powered content strategy ensures each prospective student’s interaction leaves a lasting impression.

Streamline Content Production

As in-house staff and budgets shrink, the volume of personalized marketing content required to meet and exceed enrollment goals can seem entirely overwhelming. One of the best ways to streamline content production workloads is by using AI to automate repetitive tasks like content ideation and distribution. Many automated content management tools can keep your tasks on track across the team, schedule your content, and track its performance, which can help you analyze your strategy for future efficiency. When these tools take on automated tasks, it allows your team to focus its time and resources on strategic initiatives. When used under strict human oversight, AI can even generate on-brand web copy, social media posts, ads, and promotional materials without sacrificing quality.

Optimize Content for Search Engines

One of the most important parts of any successful enrollment strategy is making sure prospective students find your institution and relevant program information at the top of their internet search results. AI tools offer invaluable assistance in optimizing your materials for search engines through keyword-rich content. It can also analyze search trends and map user behaviors that can help you write content that rises to the top of the search ranks through organic traffic. Automation tools can help you seamlessly integrate search engine optimization best practices into your workflows and ensure your prospective students find what they need to stay engaged. Plus, better search traffic automatically improves the brand reputation of your institution or program.

While AI can drastically enhance efficiency, increase personalization, and decrease your team’s workloads, maintaining human oversight throughout the content creation process is paramount. AI algorithms are only as effective as the data they’re trained on, and the authenticity and sincerity of enrollment marketing content are crucial to your institution’s reputation. Using AI tools, combined with the human touch from your team’s experts, can support a content strategy that resonates with prospective students on a deeper, more personal level, while helping you achieve and exceed your enrollment goals.

As you’re looking for ways to streamline your workflow and maximize your content strategy, GPRS can help you identify the tools and strategies to harness AI to maximize content strategy and stand out in the crowd.



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